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The Fisherman's Call

I heard a call one day

As I labored on the bay

The voice of God was calling

And These words I heard Him say


Fisherman, follow me

Come near and learn my way

No longer need you labor here

Toiling for fish day after day


I'll teach you how to fish for men

Though the work's still hard and long

The results are longer-lasting

and they yield a sweeter song


You needn't fear for want

I'll give you all you need

I'll clothe you and I'll feed you

and I'll bless you in your deed


In case of persecutions

I've not forgotten your reward

it may be postponed a day or two

but don't jump overboard


I'll pay your due when life is o'er

and it's time to settle up

You'll not regret the choice you made

As at my side you sup.


The rewards of Heaven far outlast

and outshine earth's finest gold

and the everlasting souls you save

you'll not regret you told


You'll shine as the stars forever more

in glory you'll be arrayed

and you'll look back at life's short day

and smile at the price you paid.


I left my nets and followed Him

that day not long ago

one day I'll stand before His throne

to reap what I did sow


I know my works, that they'll be tried,

whether stubble or precious stone,

So I thank Him for the call that day

and that He left me not alone.


God is still calling fishermen




Joshua Lancaster



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