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Dear praying friends!

It is time again for us to share prayer requests and praises regarding our ministry! We want to start by thanking you for your faithfulness in lifting our family before the throne of grace! Since our last prayer letter we have traveled many more miles than we ever had before, and God has answered your prayers visibly by protecting us from any significant issues while traveling those long distances!

Last year began with a trip pulling our home (the fifth wheel trailer) from central Florida to the Seattle area of Washington. Due to the time of year, the route was indirect (to avoid bad weather and bad road conditions). Praise the Lord, the trip, though long, was uneventful! 

As soon as we arrived, we settled into about three months of winter ministry helping a church planter there. We were working with Pastor Lawrence Morris and the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Renton. We had many opportunities to share the gospel, preach, teach, and invite folks to church, as well as chances to help with small projects in the church building. The folks there were very kind, and we gained some new friendships along the way!

In the spring, we travelled to Ohio to work with a God Bless America Rally there. We enjoyed good fellowship with the churches involved while taking the gospel door-to-door and inviting folks to the meeting. Folks were saved and the churches seemed encouraged by what God was doing!

From Ohio we travelled to Virginia, where we aided a church plant that took place in conjunction with a Victory Gospel Crusade. Several churches in the area surrounding Newport News, VA worked together to get the gospel on the streets to help that church get started. There were nightly meetings focused on the gospel and revival, and God was glorified! It was clearly evident that He had been working for some time in bringing about the birthing of the new church there. (Please do continue to pray for Ben Webster and his family as the Newport News Baptist Church continues to be established!)

We then headed to Pennsylvania for a brief celebration of Pepsi’s 30th birthday! While there, the Lord laid it upon my heart to speak with some pastors about a possible area-wide evangelistic meeting in the Lancaster area in 2022. The response was positive, and tentative plans are being made and prayed over. Please do join us in praying about what God might have for that meeting. There is a great need in that city. Perhaps a church could be established as part of the work at that time.

We also worked with Evangelist Byron Foxx for a week, while in PA, helping with a revival and VBS in the town of Shinglehouse. It was good to see several young folks trust Christ in the meeting!

After our time in PA, our family headed to Rhode Island to help again at the Knotty Oak Baptist Church, in Coventry. The church there is planting two other churches, and we worked with Evangelist Dwight Smith, helping with revival services and Vacation Bible Schools at two of the locations. God is at work in New England, and it is neat to see what He is doing! Churches are planting churches and helping church planters! It reminds us how grateful we should be for the opportunity to have a part in God’s work there and across the country!

(It has been our privilege to work with Evangelists Byron Foxx and Dwight Smith for several years now in area wide meetings, and it was enjoyable getting to work with both of them in individual local church meetings this year as well!)

We then made a quick trip to Illinois to participate in our home church’s first summer cantata. It went well, and we enjoyed the opportunity to be home and see family!

The following weeks included ministry in churches in Virginia, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Though these stops were brief, we enjoyed the opportunities to minister, make new friends, and strengthen previous friendships!

After a little more home time in Illinois, we headed back to Virginia where we worked with our friends at Faith Baptist Church in Charlottesville through the end of the year. 

For the beginning of 2020, God opened the door for us to park our trailer at a good church in Florida near family. Here we have enjoyed ministering in the church and Christian school, as well as some other ministry opportunities nearby.

We are excited about what God has in store for this year! We all must be praying and working in pursuit of revival in America! Our primary focus in that pursuit is area-wide meetings, so we are especially looking forward to the 6 such meetings that we expect to be a part of this year!

Please pray for these taking place in OH, WV, RI, IA, CA, and PA! 

We do also covet your prayers for God’s hand upon our home, travels, finances, and ministry! We desperately need God’s help in all of our endeavors! He has been very good to us, and we want to glorify Him more than anything!

As this letter is being written there is a worldwide concern over the coronavirus epidemic. Though we do not know what God has in store through it, we ask that you would pray that people would turn to Him through it and that ministry opportunities would open up because of it! The travel plans of many people are having to be changed due to the virus. Perhaps some of ours will have to as well. Whatever the case, we want to glorify God this year as He directs our steps!

His servants,
Joshua and Pepsi Lancaster
2 Chron. 7:14; James 4:8-10

P.S. Enjoy our year in pictures below!

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