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An Offering

God gives us life, He gives us breath,
All good gifts come from Him
He fills our cups with gracious gifts
til they're flowing o'er the brim
Yet many times when He expects 
some small thing in return
We balk at His audacity 
and His request we spurn
But He Who gives us all we have
deserves our very best
Our valued things, our prized possessions
Along with all the rest.
When He comes asking for an off'ring
He expects us to respond
with willing hearts and open hands
and gifts that go beyond
He asks them for a reason
Not just to make us sad
He has a plan, His will to do
and that is never bad
He has a work that He wants done
the pattern's all laid out
Our gifts, our goods are what He needs
To bring it all about
So let us give with willing hearts
the best things that we own
And as we do, remember, 
we will reap what we have sown
God will use our gifts for good
His good will He will do
And one day we will not regret
in that land beyond the blue!

Joshua Lancaster

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