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He gave Himself

His body was broken, His blood was shed
To give new us new life - yes, we, who were dead -
In our sins we were hopeless there was no way out
Our fate had been sealed then He made us a route
He laid down His life as our path to God
He gave Himself freely - came and traveled earth's sod -
He offered His sinlessness in place of our sin
He shed His own blood that our vict'ry He'd win
His hand was not forced - His life was not taken
When they came to take Him He was not shaken
He had planned His death, the offering was willing
He yielded, He gave, though they thought they were killing
None could kill God if He had not willed it
He said building is vain if He does not build it
So though men and devils would have taken His life
And thought they had done so and won in their strife
Yet truly they lost and the vict'ry was handed
To the One that they in their hatred had branded
With the scars of the whip, the thorns, spikes, and spear
The One that in Love had shed every tear
He gave Himself a ransom for all
That man could and would on His name freely call.

Joshua Lancaster

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