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Holy Spirit Come

O Holy Spirit come and do a mighty work in me
Convict my heart of all its sins and help me lean on Thee!
Help me walk according to Your blessed Holy Word
In fellowship with You each day, obedi'ent to what I've heard
Help me carry Your Sword of Truth and bear Your precious fruit
Protected from the Devil's darts by Your righteous armor-suit
But precious Spirit please don't stop Your cleansing work with me
Please do an even greater work as far as eye can see
The fields are white and oh so ripe, I long to see them saved
We need Your rushing mighty wind, Your Word on hearts engraved.
My heart cries out to see You work - nought else will satisfy
I want to see Your pow'rful hand - I must or else I die!
To see You come in pow'r and might to do what I cannot
This is my pray'r - that all must say, "Look what God hath wrought!"
The world with all its ploys and toys has many in its snare
Please Spirit of the Living God reveal to them Your care.
Your love is perfect, judgment right, and mercy always new
Now please, I pray, my Comforter, come do what I can't do
Please work in hearts and minds and lives of sinners everywhere
Convict them of their sins as well - those sins that Christ did bear.
I need Your working in my life to change and help me grow
But countless others need Your work as You already know,
So please come down and do Your work of cleansing here with me
And then in pow'r cleanse all around, Spirit, this is my plea.

Joshua Lancaster

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