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  Hi! My name is Joshua Lancaster. I am a God-called evangelist with a burden to see revival and awakening in America and around the world!

  I believe revival comes when the Spirit of God stirs the hearts of Christians to return to living out New Testament Christianity. I believe awakening follows as truly revived Christians begin to impact the world around!

  In pursuit of these things, God has specifically burdened my heart to lead and work with area-wide meetings among Independent Baptist Churches.  

  The pursuit of these meetings is coupled with a philosophy that Christians often need more time set aside to focus on revival than the popular four day meeting allows. The Spirit of God desires to work and bring His people to a point of brokenness and real change. Usually Christians need more than four days to allow Him to do this. (Though many reasons are given for the popularity of these short meetings, I am convinced they are evidence of the fact that American Christianity has largely become too busy for God. When we want revival, we will do what it takes to have it. We will change our schedules. We will pay the price.)

  It was not an uncommon thing in the past for an area-wide revival meeting to go two weeks before one invitation was given. Then, when it was evident the Spirit of God was doing a real work in the hearts of believers, an invitation would be given, and real revival would break out!  The meeting would then often last several more weeks, and the revival meeting would become an evangelistic meeting as the revival among Christians impacted the lost around and many were converted!

  Area-wide revival meetings used to be led on a large scale among solid Bible-believing Baptist churches. Most recently this was done by men such as Billy Graham and Jack Van Impe. Unfortunately these men became ecumenical in their philosophies and left their Baptist churches for the compromises of new-evangelicalism. Nonetheless, Biblically and historically God has used evangelists in area-wide meetings  to lead sweeping revivals and to preach the Gospel to the masses. From Philip's preaching in Samaria in the book of Acts, to George Whitfield, Billy Sunday, D. L. Moody, R. A. Torrey, Gipsy Smith, and many others, area-wide meetings have been an effective tool.

  In recent days in America some evangelists have been rallying Independent Baptist churches to attempt these things again!

  Revival flames are beginning to burn in parts of the country - from North Carolina to New England they are being seen and felt! More revival fires need to start, and those that have started need to grow and spread!

  We can have sweeping revival all across America! In fact, I believe that because God keeps His Word, we will see revival in America! Looking at our circumstances, we would be tempted to say it is impossible, but looking at our God we know all things are possible! Men and women across this nation are praying for revival, and we serve a prayer hearing and prayer answering God!

Joshua Lancaster


I was born and raised in a Christian home in Peoria, IL. 

At the age of four I trusted Christ as my Savior, and at twelve I surrendered to God's call on my life to be an evangelist.

I attended Bible College in NC at Ambassador Baptist College and graduated in 2009 with a BBS in Bible/Evangelist.

Later that year I met my future wife, Pepsi, and we were married in May 2010!

Three years and two boys later we entered the ministry of evangelism!
Evangelist Joshua Lancaster, Draw Nigh to God, PRAY America Ministries

I am privileged to be sent out of the El Vista Baptist Church in Peoria, IL! My pastor, Joey Watt, has pastored there since I was about two months old! It was after a service there that I accepted Christ as my Savior; it was there that I was baptized; and it was there that I surrendered my life to Christ!



Joshua and Pepsi Lancaster were married on May 15, 2010.

The couple met on eHarmony! Each felt God would have them to be in full-time Christian service. After dating for several months, they started their new life together.


Since then, the Lord has blessed them with two handsome boys, Parker and Porter.

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