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Dear Praying Friends,
Thank you so much for your faithful financial and prayer support! Without you, we could not do the ministry to which God has called us!

It has been a blessing being able to spend some time at home again this winter! It is, of course, bittersweet because our time home means that we do not have meetings, but this is not an uncommon thing for evangelists in these months. It provides us a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and try to help in whatever ways we can in the ministries of our home church!

Some of our goals for this year are as follows:
  1. Help with the next God Bless America Rally in Charleston, WV from about July to mid-September. (This year instead of a three day “Crusade,” the area wide meeting will be a one day “Rally.” Everything will be the same as far as the weeks of soulwinning and preparation beforehand, there will still be many churches involved, and a choir of several hundred will still prepare and sing. It will simply culminate with a one night event instead of three nights.)
  2. Continue on the deputation trail, raising financial and prayer support to work with the Crusades and lead events similar to them full-time in the future.
  3. Help Evangelist Dwight Smith with an area wide meeting in Minnesota this May.
  4. Preach several local church revival meetings for which the Lord has opened the door.
  5. Help my best friend, David Wilt, in any way we can with the church he is working to plant in Staten Island, a borough of New York City.
Some of our prayer requests:
  1. Meetings and Support. Perhaps the most difficult challenge that we currently face on a continual basis is a financial one. We appreciate IMMENSELY those churches and individuals that support us on a regular basis! We understand that not every individual and church can support us. We do not wish to be a burden to those that cannot or should not support us. However, our monthly support is currently less than $500 a month, which includes some monthly bills that are paid for us. Thus we live by faith.  Groceries, gas, basic necessities, and routine maintenance all are paid for by God when and how He sees fit. This is amazing to watch! We are recording miracle after miracle! We would like it, though, if it would be the Lord’s will, to get to the point that steady income from supporting churches and individuals could be budgeted monthly to pay bills, buy gas and groceries, and set aside for future needs. Please pray with us that the Lord would direct us to those individuals and churches that would have the ability and desire to partner with us in this area. Our ministry is unique. Not every church is looking to support a ministry like ours. Yet, God has called us to this work, and some have and will get behind what God wants to do through the burden that He has given us. God knows which ones they are. We want His direction.
  2. Other preaching opportunities and ministry opportunities. Often the Lord opens doors for us to be a blessing, help, and challenge in various capacities in local churches with both short and longer term ministry opportunities. Several times churches have asked us to help for several months with music, Sunday School, youth etcetera, while we were able to continue pursuing the burden that God has given us. These opportunities have forged wonderful friendships, allowed us to use our gifts to be a blessing, and helped take care of our financial needs for those time frames. God has not called us to the pastorate. Therefore, ministry opportunities that allow us to pursue God’s calling while temporarily partnering with churches have been a continued blessing to us.
  3. Protection, Reliability, and Provision. A three hour drive is a short drive for our family! With all of the traveling that we do, there have been times that we have noted that people must have been praying for us because of the smoothness of our travel. We request and do not take for granted your prayers for our safety, our vehicles’ (and home etc.) reliability, and provision when things do break, wear out, fail etc.
  4. Please pray for our spiritual well-being. We are in a spiritual battle, and this is one of the most important things in which you can uphold us! The world, the flesh, and spiritual wickedness in high places make life a spiritual war zone against the right that we should do. Please pray for help and grace to live as we should at home, in ministry, and in the world around us.
  5. Pray for revival and awakening in America and around the world! May we not forget that God can do anything and wants these things more than we want them! America’s greatest need is the greatest need of the whole world: God ruling on the heart’s throne of every individual!
God is ALWAYS good and is on the throne! We have seen repeated MIRACULOUS answers to prayer!
  1. God gave us a travel trailer,
  2. Provided a ministry to help with this past summer,
  3. Provided new supporters,
  4. Provided much-needed upgrades for the truck,
  5. Provided a little car for Pepsi (and to save in commuting costs),
  6. Protected us in our travels,
  7. Saved souls in the Richmond Crusade,
  8. Gave us time at home with family and friends,
  9. Miraculously healed our car and truck when a bunch of parts failed, and
  10. Provided the resources necessary to fix our trailer issues, to name a few such miracles!
In short: He never fails!

Thank you again for all you do! May 2016 mark a year that we all do more for the cause of Christ than we ever have before! No matter one’s age, it isn’t time to slow down, let up, back off, or quit! May we press toward the mark until death or the last trump calls us home!

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”
– Philippians 4:6-7

His servants,
Joshua and Pepsi Lancaster
2 Chron. 7:14; James 4:8-10

P.S. Bro Dwight Smith has recommended that each family coming to help with the “Minnesota Mission” raise $2,500 for personal expenses. If you would like to give a special gift toward that end, it would be greatly appreciated! Donations can be made electronically on our website (, or mailed to our home church:

El Vista Baptist Church
6301 N. Syler St.
Peoria, IL 61615
(Please make checks payable to the church, with “Lancaster Minnesota Mission” on the memo line.)

January 2016

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