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"Impossible" Mountain

Before me stood a mountain, taller far than I could climb
It loomed above me mockingly, growing larger all the time.
I could not overcome it! It was far too high for me! 
I could not climb the mountain - Its peak I could not see!
I stayed there, ever motionless, as time continued on
I knew I could not climb it, so I stayed there dusk to dawn.
Sometimes people stopped to ask me why I would not climb - 
Indignantly I told them it would be a waste of time!
I knew I could not climb it, "so why bother," was my thought
I watched as many others failed - their labors turned to naught.
I laughed and said, "I told you so, the mountain is too high!
You should have listened and given up and never passed me by!"
But then one day one passed my way that would not heed my words.
He said, I'll go and climb that hill and stand atop it with the birds.
I'll not stop, though I may fall or fail time after time.
I'll trust my God, though it fits not with your reason and your rhyme!
MY God can do anything, and through Him I can too,
So up that mountain I will go, and if you want to, so can you!
I laughed and watched him climb the side that many had before -
I snickered as I watched him fall and stumble yet some more!
But sure enough, each time he fell, he got back up again -
He continued up, so steadily, as one that fought to win!
He kept on going, out of sight - He must have gained the top -
He did that which all others trying had ended with a flop!
I thought, the time I've wasted, oh so sure that I was right,
Staying here, unmoving, every morning, noon, and night.
If only I had trusted God, and gone up without fear
I could've gone up long ago, and wasted not one year!
But now I am decided, though such time has wasted by,
I WILL now rise - I MUST ascend, though it be ever so high!
I started out to climb, and though I fell, I still pressed on!
I climbed when weary, hungry, lost - I climbed from dusk to dawn!
Then finally, I gained the top - I reached that glorious height!
That which had been impossible, now I saw in heavenly light!
I waited - WASTED - so much time, thinking it was too high for me
But with God's power, I climbed the height high'r than I could see!

Joshua Lancaster

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