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Fearless Faith

Life with all its complications strove to knock me down.
Satan with his tricky wiles tried to steal my crown -
Temptations swirled round about, and testing vexed me sore -
It seemed as though with every turn fear knocked at the door!
I looked inside to find relief, but shelter was not there -
I looked around for one to comfort, but it seemed not one did care!
And then I looked to Christ the Lord that bore my penalty -
When I caught a glimpse of Him my fears began to flee!
The trials were not any less - Temptations still round me tore -
But as I focused on the Lord, with time, fears fled still more -
I thought on how He made it all, and nothing Him surprised!
I thought of how He loved me so - my life He highly prized!
And then I thought how much He suffered hanging on the tree,
It seemed that all my troubles dimmed in the shadow of Calvary!
I remembered all His promises: to hear me and provide -
I remembered how He said through life He'd stay right by my side!
When looking at the things I faced through the eyes of mortal man,
Fear would be expected - but that is not God's plan!
He wants me to see the things around through the eye of faith you see,
For when I do I have to turn to Him and give glory!
This life is but a short span of time - a wisp in eternity -
In light of that my fears subside and my faith will fearless be!

Joshua Lancaster

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