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Summer 2014


DEPUTATION!! We are currently raising support to work full-time with the God Bless America Crusades under Evangelist Byron Foxx. We believe that the Lord would have us do so for the purpose of gaining practical experience working with area-wide meetings prior to pursuing any similar endeavors on our own. These crusades focus on uniting Independent Baptist Churches for the purpose of evangelism in area-wide meetings. All participating churches agree that the KJV and conservative music will be used for each crusade.


The Lord has been opening doors and providing! We have seen His hand clearly at work! This has not come without any difficulty or opposition, but we are striving to keep pressing on! 


We were very grateful for safety pulling our travel trailer down to North Carolina. We did have some issues with our weight distribution hitch, but a church that we stopped at on the way down helped us get those issues taken care of! Then we were having issues with our electrical connection between the truck and the trailer (think: trailer brakes). We ended up in a couple of hairy situations when the connection came loose traveling through the mountains. Twice we had to pull over onto less than sufficient shoulder, using only the truck brakes to stop us, on a steep curvy grade, in order to adjust the connection! Praise the Lord for His protection! (We have since been able to replace the faulty connector!) We were initially concerned whether our suburban would even be able to pull our 33' travel trailer through the mountains, but all glory to God, we made it safely through!


I (Joshua) have been soul-winning consistently since our arrival, and, although I have not seen any conversions yet, there have been some good prospects for the churches that I have been representing. During a recent revival meeting that I was able to preach, I was thankful to the Lord for five visitors coming out that I had invited! As far as I know they were all already saved, but three of them were not active members of any church, and at least one of the other two was not a member of a Baptist church.


Atheism and agnosticism seem to be growing in our country. I have met more of these than I would have hoped of late, and, sadly, have seen some good friends from Bible college turning from God to these. WE NEED REVIVAL AMONG CHRISTIANS AND AN AWAKENING AMONG THE LOST! This is why we have chosen PRAY America Ministries as our ministry name. Please pray with us for revival and awakening in America! I believe that if America sees revival and awakening, it will likely affect the world!


Please also continue to pray with us that the Lord would make clear His will and open doors in accordance with it. We tentatively plan to be in North Carolina through the end of September, and then hope to base down in South Carolina for a little while. We also have plans to be in Illinois briefly in October as well as Florida in December. West Virginia and Virginia are our destinations in 2015, Lord willing! Pray that the right churches will have us in and that we will stop at the right churches when we do not have meetings! We desire to be a blessing to churches and to be used of God as we follow His leading! 


His Servants,

Joshua & Pepsi Lancaster

2 Chron. 7:14

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