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The Death of An Innocent Man

I witnessed the scene of a horrible crime
Twas the death of an innocent man
This man had lived but a very short time
When the seeds of betrayal began
He had done no crime was the witness of men
that had known Him and dwelt by His side.
Yet still some condemned Him and put Him to death
And today I saw as He died
He did not fight to be freed from the trap -
Though clearly a trap had been set -
He simply stood quietly waiting His turn
to be be killed like a bird in a net.
He looked so serene like He'd known He would die
Almost as if he had planned
for all of His life to come to this place
To receive the nail in His hand
As if He could know or plan such a thing!
Tis impossible everyone knows -
The sign did say that He was a King
But of a king He did not wear the clothes!
He was naked and shamed, lifted up for display
Hanging there 'tween two wicked men 
Their crimes were well known, their punishment right
They were dying because of their sin
But, this man was diff'rent, no witness procured
could prove aught that wrongly He'd done
In fact they condemned Him for claiming to be
The Messiah and God's only Son!
If a liar He was, than rightly He died! ...but if not
Oh the thought my blood chilled
If not, and He was Who He said that He was
Then the Savior of all we had killed!
As I watched and He spoke, the ground shook, the sun hid
I trembled at what then transpired
He said, "It is finished!" In triumphant tone
And He died as His last breath expired!
As I stood there I thought, "This man was Who He said!"
And I spoke loud, that all round might hear
"Truly this man was the Son of God!"
I said it, and that without fear.
He died then, not for His sin (For none had He done)
But He died for you and for all
That you might be saved and forgiv'n - giv'n Heaven -
If only on Him you would call!



Joshua Lancaster

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